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Our 5 Favourite Spring Colours

Spring has sprung! (meteorologically speaking, at least). We're looking forward to the blossom on the trees, lush plants and flowers in abundance and sense of optimism that comes with this time of year. Spring colours are great to work with as they are versatile and can be combined with just about any other colour to create unique schemes that work all year through, giving you that warm feeling even in the colder months. With that said, here are our 5 favourite spring colours for 2020, along with a mood board to provide some ideas as to how the colour can be used to create a specific style for your own show home or house.

All of the products you see in our mood boards are from our suppliers and can be used in your project. We work with you to identify your requirements, target market and preferences before getting your design underway so you have peace of mind that the finished product will be exactly to your liking. You can even rent the complete interior if you are looking to sell your property quickly or have many that need dressing and want to maximise return on investment.

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1. Faded Denim

Faded Denim Blue Mood Board

Faded Denim is a timeless blue that blends brilliantly with lilac, grey, white and navy/classic blue. We recommend it for use with predominantly wooden furniture, particularly French, painted and natural styles. In our mood board, we selected light, natural wooden furniture. The dining table and chairs are made from solid mellow oak and the sideboard is solid Nordic oak. Both work fantastically well to create a warm and neutral dining area - perfect for an open-plan kitchen/dining room where there is plenty of light.

2. Chive Green

And now for something a little different - chive green. Darker colours, contrary to popular belief, actually are as much "spring" colours as lighter ones. Earthy tones are warm and can be used with lighter accents such as white, blush pink, cream and mint green to create a rich interior that is homely - just the antidote to the seemingly everlasting harsh winter months. In our design, we've gone with rustic wooden furniture and made an effort to avoid items that look manufactured. That's why we have chosen the bohemian rug, tasselled cushions and natural accessories evoking nature, travel and the outdoors.

3. Laurel Green

Laurel Green, similar to Mint Green or Sage Green is a wonderful light colour that looks particularly good with other light colours as seen in our above mood board where we picked a magnificent French faded wood range of furniture. We selected a cottage-style rug, rustic wicker storage baskets, a painted-wood floor mirror and opulent lighting. For accessories, we picked refreshing sage green cushions, crackled ceramic vases and artificial eucalyptus sprigs. Overall the look is clean, bright and isn't over the top which could be the case if we paired the French furniture range with a darker colour such as Classic Blue or Forest Green.

4. Saffron Yellow

Vibrant colours like yellow, bright green and sky blue are fantastic at introducing light and bringing the warmth from the outside in. However, the more saturated the colour, the more sparingly it should be used. In our example, we opted for Saffron Yellow which works equally well with Scandinavian-style furniture. You can read all about a recent show home we completed with this scheme here ( In this example though, we decided to match Saffron Yellow with a homely dark blue-painted furniture range and floral accents to create a "cottage-y" living/dining area that would look lovely in a country home.

The dark painted furniture is made partly using mahogany and finished with quartered oak veneer. Dental moulding has been used to provide structural support and a luxurious look. We decided to use a plain fabric sofa to allow the accessories to pop and keep to the "family home" theme, though a more luxurious velvet sofa would look equally beautiful.

5. Blush Pink

Finally, our fifth favourite spring colour is Blush Pink, a colour that oozes class. Here we chose a luxurious, high-end look to go with the colour, but it works equally well with more basic furniture because, like Laurel Green and Faded Denim Blue, it's light, muted tone serves as a refreshing and clean base that goes well with just about anything. The furniture we have selected is a mix of mirrored, hard-wood furniture with a champagne bevelled finish and gold metal furniture in an almost art-deco style. We've softened these items with the floral wallpaper and used plenty of light, neutral accessories. You can introduce blues or greys to make this colour come across as less feminine if you wish.

What are your favourite spring colours? How would you use them in your home? Let us know! If you interested in finding out more about our show home or private residential interior design service, please get in touch or visit the relevant pages 😀

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