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Whether you're a homeowner, property developer or commercial property owner

Looking to sell or rent your property and want it to stand out? Unsure how to coordinate a scheme for your new home? If you would like an interior design quote tailored to your budget, taste and property goals, no matter the size or style of property, then give us a call or drop us an email!

We offer rental and buy packs to meet your needs and all our quotes include delivery and installation as standard.

Dockyard Apartment Show Home


All our interior design quotes include delivery and installation as standard.

For ultimate peace of mind, our team will install your complete interior. We have our own fully qualified and experienced painter/decorator who can paint, paper, hang pictures and put up window dressings. Our team will build up any furniture and arrange accessories, flowers and scents for that lasting impression. We also make sure everything is spotless so you can concentrate on enjoying your new home or selling your development straight away.

We take the stress away from renovating or selling your property!

Gold Flowers in a Glass Vase


Just because the last cushion has been plumped, doesn't mean it's over!

We pride ourselves on our professional yet personable service and maintain a great relationship with our clients. Whether you have sold your property and need us to collect the interior, or store items to be used in your next development, we are here to help.

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