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Familiar yet fresh | Headcorn, Kent

With any new development, it is important to create a balanced interior that is both refreshing and welcoming. At the end of the day, the purpose is to sell the property and impress as many people as possible while inspiring them with the idea that that home is perfect for them.

This balance is often difficult to create as concepts that are novel and innovative are naturally unfamiliar. That's why we ensure we do not incorporate trends with no purpose. Instead, we take inspiration from trends and apply them to our designs alongside our client's input and requirements. For example, in this project recently completed for a housing association in Headcorn, Kent, we used a mix of light wooden furniture in a modern style, with subtle mustard and ochre accents throughout. The use of natural/earthy tones as well as yellows like this are fashionable and in this instance worked well for the client who wanted to ensure the rooms looked light, fresh, homely and welcoming while still appealing to young people and fitting the criteria needed for a new housing development.

We also picked these colours as they work well with the walls, bathroom and kitchen suites which are in subtle grey shades. As the client was able to work with a fairly substantial budget, we were sourced luxury wallpapers and fabrics for the curtains, as well as fully-framed canvas artwork.

The client is thrilled with the final product and is looking forward to the reception it gets from potential buyers!


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