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Show Home Reinstallation and Storage Solutions

At Inspired Show Homes, we are unique in that we have our own on-site storage facility allowing a range of flexible solutions for your show home and furniture staging needs. Whether you'd like to reuse the complete interior in another plot in the future or want us to use it as a base for a larger show home somewhere else, we can securely and conveniently help you make the most of your show home.

A show home is a fantastic tool that introduces your development to prospective buyers and passers-by and is also a great marketing asset. If a show home helps sell every plot on a new development, it's done its job, but how do you increase your return on investment even further?

You could sell the interior to a customer once every property has sold, but after months of displaying the furniture and accessories, they may be dirty or damaged. Recycling or disposing of the interior is a waste, and tasking someone with selling each item online would be a waste of time that could be spent marketing the next development or selling the current one.

That's why the best option would be to reuse part or whole of the interior in a future development. We can collect the interior once the show home has sold and store it back at our site in Derbyshire for future use. Once you're ready, we will incorporate these items into a new design, saving you a significant cost when compared to a full show home installation.

Above is an example of a 4-bed show home we completed in East Sussex - recently, we picked up the complete interior and came up with a way to incorporate the items into a series of apartments in Poole, Dorset. We split the items between two apartments and added soft furnishings and accessories where appropriate. This was significantly less expensive than two complete show apartments and meant that the client didn't have to figure out what to do with a 4-bed house full of furniture and accessories!

Here are some more images, the left is the 4-bed show home, the right is one of the new show apartments we moved the interior to.

If you'd like to know more about our show home interior design services, get in touch today!


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