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June 2024 Update: Renovating a 2-bed Cottage

Getting planning permission, breaking ground and completing the construction

Last year, we wrote a blog post about our help working with a client on renovating a 2-bed cottage. At that time, they had submitted for planning permission to convert the house to a 4-bed dwelling with a ground and first-floor extension to the side and rear of the property.

Today the project is nearing completion so we wanted to update you so you can continue to follow its progress from start to finish. Last time, we showed you the state of the cottage at the point of sale.

The cottage was quite small, almost cramped in areas, and the old architecture and building standards were showing their age. The stairs were narrow and steep, and the rooms were laid out in such a way that made the house unsuitable for more than a couple of people, with compact bedrooms, small entrances and hallways as well as a cosy open-plan downstairs that kept privacy to a minimum.

Following over a year of architectural consultations and planning, permission was granted for extensions to the side and rear of the house.

Cottage under renovation with construction of a side extension
The front of the house as of July 2023

Above is the work in progress, below is the plan we came up with to help the client visualise the finalised layout of the extension and where doors could go, the layout of the kitchen etc.

This model was created accurately using our CAD software and the plans supplied by the architect. The fun bit is yet to come when we can plan the wall coverings, furniture and soft furnishings, and pieces like artwork and accessories to help sell the property by increasing value and enticing prospective buyers.

The house as of May 2024

What a difference! The house is nearing completion now and has undergone such a transformation. No expense has been spared and no stone unturned in the pursuit of renovating what was a disheveled 2-bed cottage into a beautiful, modern but not sanitised family home. The plan is to sell the house once it is completed, so watch this space for more news!


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