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Modern/Rustic blend show home - Cringleford, Norwich

This is one of our latest projects, a 2-bed show home interior design project in Cringleford, Norwich. We completed this show home on behalf of a local housing association, along with a 3-bed and 4-bed home the previous year.

We decided to go with something a little different for this interior, with green and orange as the main colours throughout to create a warm look that is contemporary but has rustic touches to maintain an inviting and cosy look in an otherwise quite small and very modern new build. For the master bedroom, we opted for rustic, knotted wooden furniture and in the second bedroom, we chose a lovely range of modern oak furniture with grey accents. The budget was fairly tight so we sprinkled in high-end feature pieces amongst the more affordable furniture - this can be seen in the living room, with the fabulous large wooden sideboard and the hallway.

We worked with the client to create an initial mockup with a mood board to give them an idea of what the interior will look like, then we created a floorplan to map out exactly where everything will go and how it will fit. Finally, we created itemised costings to give the client a specific rundown of the furniture, fixtures and fittings that will be used in the interior. Once we completed the design and the client was happy, we ordered everything in and stored it in our on-site facility before staging the show home. We are happy with this unique take on a show home interior design project and the client is too. What do you think?


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