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Illuminating Yellow 3-Bed, Cringleford, Norwich

This bright and warm 3-bed property was completed before Christmas as part of two show homes completed for a local developer in Cringleford, Norwich. The developer wanted something fitting of the wonderful new development featuring several different plots, all carefully laid out and designed with the community and homeowner in mind. All homes were designed with an extra bit of room and window space, were built to a higher specification than you’d expect and have been designed to marry the benefits of traditional architecture with the benefits of modern building techniques. Not only do the houses look great, but they are also efficient to run and enjoyable to live in.

As the smaller property of the two, targeted towards small families and second-time buyers, those looking to move away from Norwich city centre and who want a high-quality home for the long-term, we decided to go with a slightly different approach to the 4-bed property, which was targeted at larger families (you can read all about that project here!) We opted for a bright but desaturated yellow for the accent colour, with whites and greys as an accent to balance the brightness and keep the interior looking mature and appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

The client wanted a home that would match the target market but remain in budget, so we designed the interior with a modern Scandinavian style. This works brilliantly with the yellow and allowed us to source readily available and budget-friendly furniture, perfect for the current economic climate as well as the practical constraints of extended delivery times and high manufacturing lead times. With a mix of abstract and modern accessories and artwork, all keeping with the colour scheme and theme of warmth and cosiness, we believe we achieved exactly what the client was looking for. They were thrilled and we think you'll agree that the finished product is fantastic.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are still able to deliver high-quality interior design projects nationwide, to any budget or style! What's more, delivery and installation are included as standard, so you needn't worry about a thing - let us do the hard work whilst you concentrate on selling your property. Or, if you need us to design your home, we can follow all COVID-19 guidelines and help realise the potential of your property with as much or as little guidance as you need. Get in touch to get your project started today! ☺


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