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What is a floor plan?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

If your home has lots of natural light thanks to large windows, wide doorways that are easy to navigate and a convenient staircase, it's not an accident. It's the result of a floor plan, (otherwise known as a space plan) which is used to determine the requirements of a space. While they are often created by architects, as interior designers, we use them to consider the best way to tackle a property and how we can take advantage of the space to create a show home that generates buy desire or to ensure the furniture a client would like in their personal home fits. In this blog post, we discover what floor plans are and how they are used for our interior design quotes.

Creating an accurate and high-quality space plan starts by having everything to scale within the architect's plan. Windows, doors, radiators, electrical points and lighting should all be shown clearly to help design efficiently for the users that are inhabiting the space.

From these architectural drawings, we would then talk to the client and work out what they want to achieve from the space and the project in general - is the interior being used to sell the property? Is it so the client can move in themselves?

Next, we consider the direction that the property is facing. This is important to understanding the lighting levels of each room and how best to bring as much natural light as possible into each area, which in turn affects the colour decisions of furniture and accessories. It also has an impact on which wall will be the feature wall and where certain "one-off" pieces like accent chairs and artwork will be placed.

We then design the space with the circulation and lighting in mind. The circulation is key to inhabitant’s ability to move freely and comfortably around the space - this includes those who suffer from physical or visual impairments.

Once all the furniture and accessories have been placed, we can show the client to give them a better idea as to how the finished project might look. They can make any changes if they would prefer different furniture or a specific style in a room and we can supply high-quality renderings for them to use for their own visualisation purposes or to present to other stakeholders.

An example of a floor plan and a completed render of the proposed design.

When it is all finished, the plan will be used in the specification and installation of the project. It helps create a structure and guidance for the designers and those installing the project, helping them ensure the best colours, patterns and furniture are selected to meet the requirements of the client.

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