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#ThrowbackThursday - Comfort and Luxury in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire

We're throwing back to one of our favourite projects completed in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire on behalf of a local housing association. The aim was to create an aspirant look that was equal parts luxurious and homely as the target market was families. We didn't want to create something too glamorous by using lots of gold/silver and mirrored/glass furniture so we mixed in wood and other natural materials. We also kept soft furnishings and textures in the wall coverings fairly muted, opting for repeating patterns that didn't contrast too much against the rest of the interior. This created an inviting look, perfect for the property's location and target market.

Blidworth is a large village situated only a few miles east of Mansfield. It has a rich history with ties to the legend of Robin Hood, with it being said that Maid Marian was born there. It also has strong links with industry - factories manufacturing shoes, textiles and hosiery have all contributed to a strong local economy. As a long-lasting and picturesque village with a strong community, local economy and fantastic transport links to Mansfield, Newark, Derby and Nottingham, the village was a perfect location for a new housing development aimed at second-time buyers and young families working in these areas who would still like a slice of the country. Our design was met with unanimous approval by the housing association and looked fantastic, as the pictures show! We are super happy with the project and can replicate something similar for your own property, no matter the size or budget 😀


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