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Incorporating Classic Blue into a family home

Blue doesn't have to be cold and it doesn't have to be dark either. We're here to provide some ideas for how you can use PANTONE's 2020 colour of the year - Classic Blue - to create a welcoming and calming look in your own home, no matter the size or exterior style.

An elegant and soothing colour, Classic Blue is one which gives an impression of luxury with it's dark and rich characteristics and is often used with similarly rich colours of copper, gold and green. This looks great in a trendy student apartment or bar, but it can give off the impression of being a place to "hang out" rather than relax, as seen in the examples below.

Luxurious dark blue interior
Copyright LuxuryLondon

Here, the designer has gone for an Art Deco style to create a luxurious and rich living space, with extravagant gold and black lighting, geometric artwork and marble furniture. This looks stunning but is more "airport lounge" than "family home".

Blue and Gold Interior
Copyright MyFurniture

Again, the designer here has done an excellent job of incorporating classic blue into a fabulous living space that oozes quality, however, this look wouldn't work quite so well in a traditional home, looking more at home in a city apartment or function room in a large house.

The beauty of classic blue is in its versatility. It works just as well in a lighter, more traditional setting as those above. When contrasted with whites, soft greys, and blush pinks, it gives off a neutral vibe that looks stunning in a cottage style and would work well in a master room or as a base for a whole house, using various shades to mix it up whilst still maintaining a consistent theme throughout. Here is our mood board which we hope gives you some inspiration.

Here, we only used the classic blue occasionally, in the wallpaper, throw, cushions and, to a lesser extent, in the accessories. The idea was to keep the interior looking bright and fresh, so by using it sparingly, we avoided an overwhelming and claustrophobic feel that might come with using too much dark.

We chose a range of hardwood furniture made with Mindy ash and finished with an inlaid, natural brushed veneer. This anchors the room with warm colours and a feeling of homeliness and comfort. We added blush pink accents here and there with the cushions and textured wallpaper to continue the cottage style.

The rug is cotton, woven and features a chevron effect and slightly tousled ends to keep the room feeling natural and almost bohemian. The rustic-looking vases and matt grey lighting also add to this as they aren't made from materials that look too manufactured like high-gloss metals or plastics.

We would also recommend using a mint/seafoam green alongside the blush pink to further soften the darker colours or instead of blush pink if you're after a slightly more masculine look.

All of the products you see in our mood board are from our suppliers and can be used in your project. We work with you to identify your requirements, target market and preferences before getting your design underway so you have peace of mind that the finished product will be exactly to your liking.


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