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Houzz Ideabooks - Get inspired and learn about your favourite interior design style with ease

Our Houzz Ideabooks cover a range of interior design styles including Modern Cottage, Industrial, Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern and Hollywood Glamour. Each one features a range of items needed to make up a room in that style such as furniture, storage, ornaments and accessories, artificial plants and flowers, artwork and soft furnishings.

Each style can be adjusted to your taste - for example, Industrial items with rustic woods and dark, metallic highlights work well with burnt orange and bottle green colourways, however, you may want navy blue or a more muted, monochromatic palette. That's not a problem! We can use these Ideabooks as a jumping-off point to get more of an idea for what you like and dislike, as well as what might and might not work well in your home or the space you would like us to help design.

Once you've decided on a style, we can then create bespoke mood boards as part of our full interior design process with specific items to match your taste, budget and spatial constraints.

Some of our recent 3D models/renders for clients as part of our interior design and show home interior design quotes.

Finally, as part of the interior design process, we create 3D models and renderings to give you an accurate image of what your room/home will look like once it is complete.

If you would like to use our Ideabooks just to browse and get inspiration, feel free! We love putting looks together and hope you find what it is you're after. The advantage of using us to complete your project is that we can complete any decorating and installation work including hanging artwork/pictures/mirrors, having bespoke curtains, blinds and cushions made up, building any furniture that requires assembly, and can even give your home a deep clean. This means that you can enjoy your new look home without any stress!

We have our own on-site storage facility, too, so all your items are securely locked away until you need them which means you don't have to take any deliveries of items or lug heavy furniture around before your house is ready to be decorated.


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