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Homes North Magazine: How to create an atmosphere at Christmas

We have been working with Homes North Magazine for a couple of months, providing handy tips and advice on how to improve your home in a range of ways, seasonally or permanently. Homes North is a quarterly consumer magazine distributed through high footfall supermarkets across the North of England. The magazine helps educate the first-time buyer and is an asset for housing providers and developers to target their sales and marketing on a geographical basis. We are excited to share with you our most recent article which you can find in the magazine either online or in-stores!

How to Create an Atmosphere at Christmas

Normally, we would recommend making your home as light and airy as possible. As interior designers, we are often tasked with increasing market value in a show home property. To do this, we want the interior to look spacious and bright.

Christmas, however, is a time to throw all of that out of the window! We still want the home to be inviting, but cosy, and that means avoiding too much light and taking advantage of the character in your home.

Put away normal table lamps and replace them with flickering battery-operated pillar candles that are safe and cast atmospheric shadows around the room. Drape fairy lights and garland around bannisters and mirrors. Dress your mantelpiece with candles, baubles, and stocking holders. Express yourself and have fun!

In terms of furniture, dark and natural is the way to go. Rustic, dark wood furniture with exposed knots and rough edges give the room a homely look and suits often-traditional Christmas ornaments. Do not worry too much about clashing styles at Christmas, either.

Regarding accessories, why not make your own? Take a pair of scissors with you as you go for winter walks and look out for holly bushes and fir trees for some beautiful decorations. Paint pinecones in gold, silver or whatever else you like!

Going out and collecting cool artefacts and getting messy with glue and paint is a brilliant Christmas-time activity for the whole family which will give you some free ornaments that match your interior and have amazing sentimental value.

For a bit of fun, hang a sprig of mistletoe in your hall – you never know!

This article is taken from Homes North Magazine which you can read here or in-store!


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