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3 Unique Interior Design Styles to Refresh Your Spare Room

Coming up with ideas for your home is never easy. At the end of the day, we spend about a third of our time there and we don't want to be staring contemplatively at some dingy curtains we regretfully bought because they match the cushions, or a sofa that is far too large for the space it's in. It's even harder when you have a blank canvas - an empty room with which you can do just about anything. "Do I turn it into a games room? A study? What furniture do I use? What colour should it be? Maybe I should take up yoga. Yes, a mat would fit nicely there, wouldn't it?" As of writing this, we are 4 weeks into a mandatory lockdown that has ground life as we know it to a halt. The situation is similar all around the world, and we are all having to adapt to an ever-changing situation where being cooped up indoors for an inordinate amount of time is totally normal and we're eyeing up everyone else's shopping trolleys, wondering "Where did they find bacon? There wasn't any when I went round." Most of us are trying to remain positive, however, and are being more productive with our new schedules - learning a new language or instrument, getting around to that pile of books we've been meaning to read or taking the opportunity to revamp our homes. A spare room is a great way of making your house unique to you as it allows you to create something specific to your needs, and function rooms do not need to match the general style of your house so you can really let your imagination run wild! With that said, here are 3 different interior design styles that you can use to make the most of a spare room in your house.


Nautical is a fantastic mix of luxury and rustic. It's quite masculine but can be adapted to suit your own needs by adding pastel colours like coral and orange to the dark blues to create a more neutral or feminine look if you wish. You can also have a lot of fun with this interior design style as it is so eclectic - add in some memorabilia, some artwork or maps or use reclaimed/recycled furniture to avoid expensive furniture and add more of a natural look. Here we used lots of dark wood furniture with gold accents and brown leather on the accent chair. Accessories are rustic and have an almost aged look to them as though they belonged to an explorer from centuries ago. The nautical interior design style is a great escape and allows any office/study to become a sophisticated and inspiring place to work or relax.


Glam is a very fun interior design style because it is so bombastic and confident. You can take it very far and create an incredibly luxurious and evocative space with high-end mirrored furniture or use opulent French painted ranges to create a more muted but equally glamourous room. Here, we decided to go with mirrored wooden furniture with black and silver as the base, though you can also use gold. We added in blush pink to lighten it up and give the interior a softer, more feminine vibe. The idea with this mood board is to create an extra living area where you can entertain guests or relax with a book just as well.

Modern Rustic

Rustic doesn't have to mean old or shabby. Rustic is merely a style and can be incorporated in modern styles like this one where we created a contemporary office space that would go equally well in a student apartment or a home in the city. We used plenty of dark furniture accented with metal to create an industrial look and contrasted these with straight lines and minimalist, almost mid-century Scandinavian style accessories to lift the interior and soften it up a little. We chose blue for the main colour but this style is very versatile and works with just about anything. oranges and yellows work particularly well to create light and warmth which may be needed in a small city apartment.

Everything you see in our mood boards is available from our suppliers and can be used in your show home property or residential interior design project!

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