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2021 Interior Design Trends to Liven Up Your Home This Summer

After over a year with lockdowns and without being able to go away or even out of the house for a while, it's understandable that a lot of us are getting itchy feet and wanting to either renovate or move house altogether. With summer just about here, we look at some of the latest and greatest interior design trends of 2021 and you can incorporate them easily and affordably into your current or new home!

With show home properties, we work with developers of all sizes from those building single-houses with a plan to rent to students and young professionals, as well as large national housing associations who plan to build sprawling plots of large family homes - what they all have in common though is that they want to maximise their budget. We scour through our suppliers to source the best pieces and styles to match their aims for the development, appeal to their target market and maximise market value.

With new homes being built all the time and at an ever-increasing rate, the opportunity to use the latest trends in our interior designs is exciting but also allows us as show home designers to create an aspirational look that potential buyers may not have seen before. Here are some of those trends:


It's widely understood that minimalism and Scandi-style furniture and accessories are "in". The clean lines and neutral colours appeal to most buyers and are very versatile, working with just about any accent colour of your preference. However, with the increase in eco-consciousness and desire for sustainable, natural-looking furniture, as opposed to manufactured items, the use of texture is increasing in popularity with furniture, textiles and wallpapers. Knotted woods and ridged faces add depth and an interesting focal point, especially in smaller properties where space is at a premium. We're seeing a return to more vibrant and eclectic wallpapers to add a splash of colour and character in otherwise plain interiors, too.

Traditionally, the opposite of minimalism meant decadent and luxurious interiors full of crystal, mirrors and bling but lately you can find some fabulous items that blend more minimal modern Scandinavian and Mind-Century styles with rustic and cottage/country home styles - perfect for those after an ultra-contemporary look.

Here are some items we love for those with or without a large budget!

1. Birlea Furniture Loxley Mustard Bed, 2. Dunelm Small Matte-Grey Vase, 3. Dunelm Artificial Cheeseplant in Ochre Vase, 4. Wayfair George Oliver Desk, 5. Gallery Direct Bari Sideboard, 6. RIVA Orbit Cushion, 7. RIVA Orbit Cushion, 8. Wayfair Roselyn TV Unit, 9. Thinkrugs Boho Cream Rug, 10. DAR Lighting Laura Ashley Archer Lamp, 11. Prestigious Textiles Caribbean, 12. RIVA Inka Throw.


As the name suggests, Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalistic interior design styles and is the modern take on the luxurious glass/mirrored styles we touched on earlier. It's eclectic, vibrant and exudes personality. Don't be afraid to use conflicting patterns and textures and use your heart rather than your head to create a characterful interior that has many layers. Maximalist interiors look and feel personal and can be quite polarising compared with many others, which is why we tend to avoid them in show home properties, but in your own home, feel free to go mad!

Here are some examples of maximalism for if you want to go wild with your home and turn the interior inside out for a welcome change if your house is currently very plain and neutral.

Colour of The Year 2021

What better way to incorporate the latest design trends than to use the 2021 colour of the year? Pantone selected the 2021 colours of the year as Ultimate Gray (code: Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating Yellow (13-0647). This mix of mustard and grey is a scheme that we have personally used a few times on show homes targeted towards young families and for clients looking for a contemporary interior style. The two complement each other well, with neither colour being too dark or too light, and they are extremely versatile colours, working with additional accent colours if required like blush pink, sage green and powder blue.

In a show home, we like to keep things light and inviting to appeal to potential buyers and sell the property as quickly as possible and at the highest value. Because of this, we often opt for grey sofas as opposed to black, and yellow works well to connote sunshine and positivity.


An evolution of Scandi-style, Japandi is the contemporary and neutral Scandinavian style but with Japanese minimalism and rusticity thrown in. Japandi often incorporates less manufactured-looking furniture, swapping it for natural materials, thin legs and a more utilitarian approach to the interior. More "natural" looking house plants and flowers are often used, with fewer succulents and aloe plants and more monsteras and orchids.

Japandi is fantastic for creating a soothing and welcoming vibe in your home with a little edge. It's not too rustic or industrial and maintains the neutral and light tones of Scandinavian style. You can mix and match wood tones to add character, use materials like cork, bamboo and woven fabrics and bring in blacks with the whites to create the contrast often seen in traditional Japanese homes.

You can be quite creative with Japandi, which is another advantage that makes renovating your home lots of fun. Because items tend to clash a little more than Scandinavian-style, you can pick pieces you truly love instead of ones that have to meet set criteria.

1. Etsy PrintsAndBooksHouse Greenery Wall Prints, 2. Java Lamp, 3. Coach House Round Black Clock, 4. Dunelm Large Woven Bottle Vase, 5. Dunelm Artificial Blossom, 6. French Connection Room Divider, 7. H&M Home Low Lounge Chair, 8. Dunelm Rattan Mirror, 9. The Japanese Shop Sumi Grey Tea Set, 10. Premier Housewares Pedra Lava Candle Holder, 11. Gallery Direct Carbury Display Sideboard, 12. RIVA Kenza Spa Eau De Nil, 13. Coach House Leaf Circle Wall Art, 14. Dunelm Bird of Paradise, 15. Gallery Direct Campaign Chair, 16. RIVA Jetta Sage Throw, 17. Kenza Stone, 18. Gallery Direct Alberta Bench


These are just some of the trending interior tips for this year and we hope you are inspired by some of the styles we've outlined in this post, but the beautiful thing about renovating your home is that it allows you to express yourself - don't be afraid to mix and match styles to meet your tastes. In a show home, we typically stick to a consistent style throughout and all the items you see in our mood boards can be supplied to create a theme perfectly suited to your budget and to meet the target market for your property, whether you plan on selling or renting. Get in touch for your free interior design quote!


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