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2021 Colour Of The Year: Illuminating Yellow and Cool Grey

This year's Pantone colours of the year are Illuminating Yellow and Cool Grey, and what a choice for colour of the year this year! With the nation fluctuating in and out of lockdowns and with the extra kick that is winter, we're all in need of some optimism and a sense of warmth. That is exactly what yellow can do, and this bright, bold colour is firmly back in fashion.

Yellow used to be seen as an outdated colour, of garish walls and country homes that are in desperate need of renovation. However, in the right shades, and with the right furniture, it is a wonderful colour that works so well to create a modern look that isn't cold or that doesn't feel unlived in/too much like a show home. Yellow symbolises hope and, a sense of pushing forward and cosiness. A fitting colour for 2021.

We often recommend grey as a contrasting colour as it is extremely versatile and is neither too light nor too dark. Having a rich blue scheme, for example, is complemented well by lighter greys, as seen in one of our recent projects below. Similarly, a light scheme using pastel colours needs anchoring with a slightly darker colour to soften the interior and make it look a little more mature - too many pastel colours with bright white walls can make a room look like a child's room or nursery. This is great if that is what you are trying to achieve but otherwise, a cool or even charcoal grey works better.

Blue Master Bedroom of a Show Home
Master Bedroom in a recent project we completed in Cringleford, Norwich.

Grey works with just about any colour, but with Yellow, in particular, it can be used to create an ultra-modern Scandinavian style which is on-trend right now. It is equally appealing to young couples and small families and the use of light wood, minimalistic furniture and bright colours also appeal to older buyers too. This focus on simplicity and versatility means that the scheme lends itself well to just about any architectural style, house size and shape, plus it can be very budget-friendly. For this reason, we have used the interior design style in a few of our projects over the past 2 years and it has always gone down super well with the client as it opens the house right up and lets a lot of light in and because it appeals to so many people, it helps sell their properties!

We would also recommend using yellow in a rich, art-deco style interior with bold textures, eclectic wall coverings, luxurious soft furnishings and rich gold/chrome furniture. Some examples are below.

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