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Spring/Summer Trend Report: Back To Roots

IMM Cologne was full of sustainable, eco friendly and organic furniture pieces this year. It’s of no surprise this is a continually growing trend given the increasing ubiquity of technology creeping into every aspect of our lives. People are now finding comfort in reconnecting with nature and going back to basics. We can’t be the only ones who cried for David the Chimpanzee on David Attenborough’s Dynasties?!

Bringing the outdoors in through earthy tones and natural materials, botanical feature and large potted plants marries an overarching theme for humbleness and quality in our furnishings and the buy quality, buy once ethos.

The rustic and warm furniture we selected goes well with muted, earthy-toned soft furnishings but also allows itself to be used as a backdrop to more vibrant colours like emerald greens and mustard yellows. The beauty of the "back to roots" concept is that you can decide how much or how little you embrace it. Dark, knotted wood furniture or handmade ceramic accessories look great juxtaposed against modern pieces and add warmth to an otherwise cold room.


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